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Since 2006 we've successfully coached clients to achieve their goals. Our clients have realized goals they previously thought impossible such as completion of athletic events, strength gains, improved balance, muscle gains, drastic energy improvements, aesthetic changes and overall much higher quality of life. Even more importantly, these amazing accomplishments were a byproduct of creating healthier, more vibrant humans. It just takes a thoughtful plan and consistent effort, together we will make sure it happens for you too.


Looking after your body is the most important thing you can do for yourself. We will show you how to maximize your time and get the results you've always dreamed of ... and those you haven't contemplated yet!

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Kyle has been in the fitness industry since 2006, enthusiastically coaching his diverse clientele to reach their very best. Whether you are 15 and looking to become an accomplished athlete or are finding yourself needing to refocus on your own fitness and health or are a senior looking to improve balance or return to sport he will make sure you reach your goals. He is constantly analyzing best fitness practices to ensure the most effective training is delivered to his clients. You can often find Kyle holding pads for his clients. 

Kyle competed at a National level in Muay Thai kickboxing for 15 years. He has completed 5 half marathons. 


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Liz has been in the fitness industry since 2006. Being fit, to Liz, is about demanding a higher standard for your quality of life. Her clientele is very diverse, 20 something athletes to 80+ year old clients. She has coached to strength gains, through injuries, surgical recovery, chronic disease management and fat loss. She excels at breaking fitness down so the whole process is encouraging, fun, positive and most importantly achievable and effective!

Liz understands how her clients lives can be positively influenced by feeling comfortable and strong in their bodies. Living with Ulcerative Colitis, and being a chronic illness patient, has helped her understand the struggles that come with trying to achieve consistent exercise. She excels at adjusting workloads to ensure the most challenge while still being safe.  

Liz has been a 3 time world champion powerlifter, setting records in her division. 5 time half marathon completion, personal best of 1:42. Regardless of your goal she will help you achieve it!

Liz is the founder of Canine Handler Fitness, click the button below to learn more 👇🏼

Personal Training

Personal training sessions with Joyce Training are exactly that, PERSONAL. We are educated, experienced and attentive. We will push you to limits you never thought possible, while keeping the experience encouraging and uplifting. Whether you are wanting to lose weight, are new to fitness, simply looking for a change, or training for a specific event we've got you covered!

Partner Training

Get fit and have fun with a partner of your choice! Yourself and your partner will have our educated and dedicated trainers working you together to achieve your fitness goals. This is a fantastic option for those who thrive on competition, a group atmosphere and/or want to workout with someone specific (like a friend, coworker or partner).


For information on Canine Handler specific fitness courses please click button below to visit: 



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It's all within your reach!




"Liz is fantastic and probably one of the best personal trainer in this city!  Liz made a massive contribution to my physical and emotional well-being.  

When I first went to Liz I could barely walk, my hip was extremely bad.  I started working out with Liz and followed her great advice around weight loss, strengthening, toning and Liz focused on improving my hip, all the while helping me with my digestive problems, making me look fantastic and boasting my mental health.  Liz is not just a personal trainer, she approaches her client's wellness from a holistic approach and keeps tabs on your progress.  Liz cares outside of the hour of work out time that you are scheduled with her.  That is what makes Liz a step above the others."


"I once looked more forward to a tub of ice cream than a workout, but Liz certainly changed that. With her awesome personality, adaptability to any restriction I shot at her, high energy, fun and challenging workout- she made what used to seem like a chore enjoyable!

Training only twice a week over a 4 month period we achieved some awesome goals. I was more flexible, had more strength, gained some pretty solid shoulders and overall muscle, and felt less sluggish. In changing very few habits, it had a snowball effect that meant I was also scheduling gym time on my own and developed healthier eating habits.

Even when we weren’t in the gym, she would check up on me on her personal time to see that my eating was on track and I was scheduling some time in the gym on my own. If I ever had questions she would respond super quickly (Usually by my next set!). I’ve never worked out with any other trainer who was as selfless as that. 

Whatever your fitness goals are, believe me she will help you achieve them. I believe she does this not because it’s her job, but because healthier habits and seeing people achieve their goals are her passion- and it is very evident after the very first time you meet her. I absolutely vouch for Liz and know that you will too after just a few sessions with her!"

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