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  • Liz Joyce


Knowing and understanding your body type will help you figure out the very best way to fuel and train your body to stay in your best shape possible. Although every person has a unique body, we typically fit into 1 of 3 body types. Endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph.


Ectomorph – If you are slim, find it difficult to gain both muscle mass, are able to eat freely without putting on much weight and are generally resistant to weight gain you are most likely an ectomorph.

  • Diet: Because an ectomorph burns calories quicker than the other 2 body types this individual will work best on a slightly higher carb ratio. An estimate would be 55% complex carbs, 25% lean protein and 20% good fats.

  • Exercise: Due to the ectomorphs struggle to gain muscle mass this individual will get better results by focusing on resistance training. Slower movements during the workouts, using heavier weights and complimenting this with longer rest periods will build strength and definition.

Endomorph – If you are slightly heavier set, tend to store fat quite easily, lean to the curvier side and have to put in more effort to stay in shape you are most likely an endomorph. This does not mean you are destined to be overweight, rather with a properly planned diet and exercise plan will help you get greater success staying in shape.

  • Diet: Endomorphs get better results with a higher protein and fat to carb ratio. An estimate would be 25% complex carbs, 40% lean protein and 35% good fats. Due to the endomorph’s naturally slower metabolism excess carbohydrates are more likely to be stored as fat if they aren’t burnt off exercising.

  • Exercise: Endomorphs do tend to store weight more easily. The best exercise regime for an endomorph is focused on endurance training balanced with high intensity/low rest resistance training. The idea is to boost the metabolic rate. Interval sprints, cycling and HIIT sessions are great options.

Mesomorph – If you are generally more muscular, can gain muscle mass quickly, you will store body fat but can burn it off you are a mesomorph. You have a higher percentage of fast twitch muscle fibres which gives you muscle building advantage over the other 2 body types.

  • Diet: Mesomorphs have the most success with a balanced diet. An estimate is 40% complex carbs, 30% lean protein source and 30% good fats.

  • Exercise: Mesomorphs should aim for a balance between endurance and resistance training. If this individual has a specific goal focusing on that discipline. Ie. More endurance training for fat burning or higher fitness levels and more resistance training for muscle mass and strength.

While we are all blessed with different body types the most important thing is to love the skin your in! By working with your body type you will get the quickest, and most maintainable, results so you can be healthy, happy and as confident in your body as possible.

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