• Liz Joyce




It is important to remember that the food industry is a money making industry, just like any other ruthless money making industry. Processed foods are labeled ‘low fat’ or ‘fat free’ in an effort to trick uneducated or inattentive consumers. The unspoken promise of a healthier body and leaner waist line is not only misleading, these products often contain ingredients that are even more compromising to your health!


These are 3 important considerations next time you reach for a ‘low fat’ option.

Flavour Often Comes From Added Sugar

Even the most well meaning health food enthusiast wants their taste buds to dance when they eat. Fat tastes good! But so does sugar and many companies replace the fat content with sugar, especially in items like desserts, snack bars and yogurts. Calories from sugar are much more likely to have you storing body fat than calories from fat.

The Process Of Processing

The very best way to lose weight, maintain weight loss and have optimal health is by eating ‘as close to the farm as possible’. Single ingredient foods, ingredients that you can pronounce and ingredients that you recognize immediately. In order for a food that originally contained fat to becomes low fat it is processed, often heavily. The more processed a food is the fewer nutrients are retained, and more preservatives are added. Often to create the illusion of health chemical sugar substitutes are added instead of sugar.

Good Fats Are Necessary

Fat has gotten a bad rap and these beliefs, unfortunately, take time to change. Good fat are an essential nutrient. Good fats help with the absorption of other essential nutrients, examples include vitamins A, D, E and K. They are also important to maintain nerve, brain and heart function. Fats also keep you feeling fuller longer … and they taste good.

If weight loss is your goal make sure you’re picking your foods wisely as this is a huge part of the battle! Now that you have some knowledge under your belt enter the grocery store with eyes wide open because what comes home gets consumed. Always check the ingredients, and choose fresh, healthy and naturally lean foods as often as possible!